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Installing or repairing sprinklers is challenging if you’re not professional or equipped enough, which is the reason you have to hire Khen Sprinklers for the task. My sprinkler repair service is trusted by clients in the Denver, CO area. If you’re in the location, you can contact me to check your sprinkler or to install new sprinklers for your lawn. You won’t regret booking my service once you see the results.

Dependable Sprinkler Repair

Our Services

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Is your sprinkler system malfunctioning? Trust my expertise as a commercial and residential sprinkler repair expert. From broken heads to faulty valves, I specialize in restoring your sprinkler system to optimal functionality, ensuring your lawn receives the water it needs for lush, healthy growth.
Sprinkler Blow Out

Sprinkler Blow Out

Prepare your sprinkler system for the winter months with my professional blow out service. Removing excess water from your system prevents freezing and potential damage to pipes and components. My meticulous approach ensures the thorough removal of water from all lines, safeguarding your sprinkler system against cold weather-related issues.
Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler Installation

When it’s time to install or upgrade your sprinkler system, trust the expertise of a sprinkler installation company. I specialize in designing and installing efficient irrigation systems tailored to your landscape’s specific needs. From planning and layout to installation and testing, I handle every aspect of your sprinkler project with precision and professionalism.

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Client Testimonials

by Tim G. on Khen Sprinklers
Exceptional Sprinkler Maintenance!

I couldn't be happier with the sprinkler repair service provided by this specialist. This sprinkler technician was professional, and knowledgeable, and fixed the issue quickly. My lawn is now thriving, thanks to his expertise. I highly recommend this professional to anyone in need of reliable sprinkler maintenance services.

Why Hire Me to Fix Or Install Your Sprinkler
When you choose me to fix or install your sprinkler system, you’re choosing reliability, expertise, and exceptional service. With years of experience as a lawn sprinkler contractor, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project. I prioritize quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your sprinkler system operates efficiently and effectively for years to come. Thus, it’s much easier to book a sprinkler system repair service than doing it on your own. Experts like me have everything that’s needed for such a complicated task.

How I Do It:
As a certified lawn sprinkler system contractor, I begin by assessing your landscape and water needs to design a sprinkler system that maximizes efficiency and coverage while conserving water. Using high-quality components and industry-leading techniques, I install your sprinkler system with precision and care, ensuring proper function and longevity. Once installation is complete, I thoroughly test the system to ensure all components are functioning correctly and delivering optimal coverage. I make any necessary adjustments to ensure uniform water distribution and address any areas of concern, ensuring your landscape receives the right amount of water where it’s needed most. Before completing the project, I provide you with guidance on proper system operation and maintenance to help you get the most out of your new sprinkler system.

Other Locations
Note that I don’t only serve clients in one location. I offer my services in other areas as well, and these are the places that you need to take note of:

  • Sheridan, CO
  • Greenwood Village, CO
  • Lone Tree, CO
  • Superior Town, CO
  • Federal Heights, CO

If you need assistance fixing your sprinkler, hire Khen Sprinklers. I offer a reliable sprinkler repair service in Denver, CO. Contact me for more details today!